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Is the paint used by the design manufacturer toxic? Is it environmentally friendly paint?


More than a decade ago, our understanding of environmental protection and health was not enlightened. There was once an ambassador from the other side of the ocean who inadvertently mentioned the concept of PM2.5. We not only refuse facing the problem, but instead using speech and word to declare a crime and criticize it together. And various conspiracy theories come on. History is always a repeat circle, just replacing the script and the actors. Today, under the trend of significant growth in various pollution and related diseases, people have to pay attention to environmental protection and responsible for the health of themselves and others.

Is the paint used by the design manufacturer toxic? Is it environmentally friendly paint?

? In the sign industry, there are many aspects related to environmental protection. For customers, the concern is that if the coating on the surface of the sign product is toxic, and the paint used is not environmentally friendly. For manufacturers, environmental protection is even more important, not only the recycling of production waste, but also the occupational health problems of workers involved in paint operations. Many manufacturing industries are also missing in this respect, in order to obtain greater profits, at the expense of the health of the staff and customers. In addition to people's natural and profit-seeking nature, even the lagging ideas can not be adapted to the development of the times. So, how do customers and paint workers know if the paint used by the manufacturer is toxic? Is it in line with environmental standards? This question may only be answered by the bosses of major sign design and production manufacturers. But it is another matter to dare to answer this question.I worked as a small editor for the Cosun sign ,I can't make a conclusion to the sign design and production manufacturers in the market. But I can talk about what I saw in Cosun.I believe that you will know about Cosun after reading below points..

Before answering the question of whether there is any poison, we need to figure out the classification of the paint. Generally speaking, the paint is divided into water-based paint and oil-based paint. The water-based paint is using water as a dilution additive, which is not irritating and harmful to the human body. It is a safe and healthy coating product. The oily paint is is usingBanana oil as a dilution additive. The organic solvent contains a large amount of benzene chemical substances, which directly damages the human body and even causes cancer and other side effects. From a safety point of view, the signboard made of water-based paint is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used immediately after installation. The oily paint contains a lot of irritating volatile substances, and the duration can be several years or more. The damage to the human body is immeasurable.

From the current situation of the Cosun sign, the production workshop has been upgraded to a higher cost water-based paint, fully guarantee the occupational health of the staff and effectively reduce the occupational disease risk of the employees. At the same time, we can provide customers with environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless quality products, which are different from traditional oil-based paints. The surface oil film of water-based paint identification products is full, shiny and beautiful, and the paint surface is crystal clear and not as easy turned yellow as ordinary oil paint.  Therefore, from the aspect of the quality of the identified products, the water-based paint is obviously superior to the oil-based paint, and has no toxic and side effects, and conforms to the modern environmental protection concept.

In summary,identify whether the paint used by the design manufacturer is toxic or not, whether it is environmentally friendly or poisonous, conclusion cannot be simply generalized. Customers care about this problem, the relevant workers of the manufacturer care more about that. Each company has its own procurement principle and its development conception, No matter it is the customer who needs to buy the sign product or the newcomer who plans to enter the sign industry, they can directly communicate with the manufacturer, and all problems can be solved.

All-for-one-and- one- for-all, On the way to environmental protection, we still have a lot of things to do.

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