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How many types of signage does a parking sign system usually contain?


The parking lots will be set up no matter in residential areas or commercial places, such as shopping center, office buildings, etc. With the increasing of building density, the ground space can no longer meet some specific places with a high concentration of population, so the builders open up underground parking lots to meet the growing demand for parking. For large shopping centers and commercial complexes, the parking lot sign system generally include the following four kinds of signage:

How many types of signage does a parking sign system usually contain?

1. Entrance and exit signs. Such signs are usually located in the public area of the building or on the roadside of the building, and usually contain the letter "P" for the special sign of the parking lot, and it clearly shows the drivers how to get to the parking lot or go to the exit of the parking lot with the text and arrow. Generally, entrance signs are quite fastidiousness, and some of the parking lot entrance signs have some artistic elements, with good luminous effect. However, the exit sign will have a lot of random. Usually,it is the simple sign plate or a printed sign above public passageway;

2. Parking area number sign. In some large multilayer underground parking lots, when the drivers successfully entered, they need to find a suitable parking place, At this time, the parking area number sign plays a good guiding role. Generally speaking, this kind of parking lot sign mainly consists of floor sign and intra-layer location number. Each location is divided into a clear number or letter, which can greatly facilitate car owners to find their car.

3. Ground end sign. The parking lot is usually grid, each grid has its own number identification, in general, this number sign is unique, or people will be lost in it;

4. Pedestrian channel sign. After the driver has parked the car, It requires the guidance of the pedestrian access sign to know how to get away from the parking space. Generally, people needs to walk to the elevator hall, and the number of elevators is limited, the location is also fixed, so people in different locations must go through the elevator hall to reach the target place of the building, so the pedestrian passage sign needs to be formed a system that allows pedestrians to see the signs at any location in the parking lot. The designer of the parking lot sign system must avoid visual blind spots and allow each pedestrian to quickly and accurately identify his current location and the way to the elevator hall.

A set of standardized parking lot sign system should contain the above signage, which will be fully visible in the pure commercial underground parking lot. In addition to the function of guiding, the style of parking lot sign system will be unified according to the VI of the brand, which can enhance their brand value and earn people’s trust in the brand. Another kind of the parking lot sign system also includes an advertising player, and it is a good scene for commercialization whether it is for the business inside of the building or an external business.

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