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How to calculatethe price of building signage?


In the past ten years, with the rapid development of the economy and society, the demand for signage products continues to rise, and the demand is diversified and individualized.In a fiercely competitive environment, customers' requirements for building signage are also improved.

How to calculatethe price of building signage?

In that case, the manufacturers who engaged in sign design and production will face various problems from customers, such as: How much does it cost to make my own led signs? How do you calculate the price of a building signage? How much is a square meter of a building sign? How can i get the signage price?

There is no standard for the price of asignage, and it’s usually determined by the design. Therefore, customers should know their own needs first, and providing the design drawings, sizes, the types and thickness of the material, requirements for lighting source and the brightness, whether installation is required, etc. Then the signage manufacturer can accurately give the final quotation.

Due to the particularity of the large-scale led sign, the whole stainless steel panel needs to be cut during the production process, and the other parts are basically useless. Therefore, the signage price is based on the size of the whole board. The price of stainless steel letters is 500 yuan - 1,000 yuan per square meter, led acrylic sign are around 500 yuan per meter, the price of punching letter and vacuum formed letter is equivalent. The full-color led signs are relatively expensive, is 1400 yuan - 2800 yuan per square meter due to the special processing. The accurate pricing is based on the detail of the needs. Here is three general quotation and price calculation method:

1: The length, width and height are all below 0.2 meters. Such small size letter will calculate the total price in units of quantity;

2: The length, width and height are between 0.2 and 1 meter. Usually, the largest size is taken as the calculation standard.For example, a stainless steel large-scale building sign, the price of the stainless steel is 1000 yuan/ square, the largest size in the length, width and heightis 0.75 meters wide, then the price of this large signage is: 0.75 * 1000 = 750 yuan.Of course, there are many other factors that need to be consideredduring the quotation process.

3: The length, width and height are more than 1 meter. Usually the maximum face of the six faces in the three-dimensional space is used as the calculation standard. For example, the top of a building needs a illuminated sign, and the price of stainless steel plates is 1000 yuan/ square meter. The length, width and height of signage are 1.5 meters, 0.5 meters, 2 meters, then the largest geometric face of this letter sign is 1.5 * 2 = 3 square meters, then the price of this big signage is 3 * 1000 = 3000 yuan. The price of the sign products also determined by the specific requirements of the actual place. In particular, the large-scale roof signage must be reinforced to ensure the safety of the product.

The above method can help you to know the price of the large-scale luminous signs on the roof. However, the sign manufacturers will adjust the price according to the application of the large signs, comprehensive trade-offs on process complexity, water resistance, lighting effects, energy saving and environmental protection, and ease of installation and maintenance.

When customers face manufacturers whose prices are far below or far above average price level of the market, you should remain calm and integrate multiple factors. Always know that Quality Is The Last Word.

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