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What are the five principles that high-end sign design must follow?


In the fiercely competitive business community, sign as a carrier of corporate brand image bears an increasingly important role. An excellent high-end sign design process requires not only unique creativity and skill, but also a combination of realistic scenes. Convergence. The idea is abstract, and the identification product is specific, touchable, and visible to the naked eye. No matter how rich the creativity is, such as free and easy, it will eventually be reflected in industrial products through concrete expression techniques.

What are the five principles that high-end sign design must follow?

In the high-end sign design process, there are generally five principles to follow;

Principle 1, readability, sign is for people to see, this is the most primitive element of sign design. The design of a high-end sign should pay more attention to the interaction performance with the audience. According to different usage scenarios, the interaction process time with the end user is different. Therefore, for the type of sign with very short time, the design is more concise. In a few seconds or even less, people can quickly capture valuable information, so as to fully reflect the value of the sign;

Principle 2, the degree of discrimination is high, this principle is mainly to help the signboards stand out in the highly competitive market. If you look at everyone at the same time, even the elements such as color matching and maps are not as good as the surrounding businesses. The consequences can be imagined. There is no absolute good or bad product, so I am afraid of comparison. The high-end sign design should highlight the distinction between the common sign products and the clear audience. I am here, I am a unique existence, different, you can't miss it. ;

Principle 3, accurately transmitting the corporate brand image, this principle is also one of the original intentions of sign design, or by the case, in the author's impression, Shenzhen's local Pasta Wang is a good example, looked at the brand name, The first impression was to eat noodles with tableware, and three curly noodles were hung on a pair of chopsticks. Going a little deeper, the noodles must not be guamian, because the guamian are straight, so the curly noodles can only be alkalinenoodles, and it is also a fast-food noodle commonly used in noodle restaurants. This topic is a bit far away, and can't go any further. We just want to express how important an excellent high-end sign design is. It can tell the user's business scope through a sign. This difficulty is not small, if it is not eating noodles. The sign product, how to design the image sign? This problem can only be given to the sign designer.

Principle 4, wide adaptability, the customer group that has high demand for high-end signs usually needs to use their own brand image sign in multiple scenes, whether it is outdoor or indoor, or even printed on a smaller paper business card. This kind of sign design can adapt to the use of the scene regardless of the size of the size. It can not only take care of the large-scale outdoor display effect, but ignores the display effect of the small-size use scene, and can't show the original design after the reduction ratio. effect;

Principle 5, consistency between style and audience, well understood, and what style to use. If a customer's product is for non-mainstream people, the positioning has been determined, the sign design must be based on this non-mainstream style to find elements, the overall style is no suspense, non-mainstream, this is customer demand, sign Designers do not need to explain to meet customer needs;

The above five principles are only analyzed from the perspective of high-end sign design, and have not yet reached the next step of deepening the design stage. The actual sign design process is beyond the difficulty of traditional design work, and it must have the output of the brand image. It is not an easy process to turn the design into a physical product at your fingertips in the production process, and to successfully install it in a customer-specified location and withstand the environmental factors for many years.

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