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What information should be included in the outdoor pylon sign of the Science and Technology Park?


The Science and Technology Park is no stranger to us, especially the Guangdong Street in Shenzhen. It is also mentioned in the previous article, when the park is large enough, the sign system needs more efforts to build. In some highly concentrated technology parks, it is difficult to define which areas belong to a park because it is too large and its sign system is almost a municipal type of signage. However, in some regional small and medium-sized science and technology parks, the corresponding sign system is obviously different from the municipal one. Today, we use the Enlightenment Technology Park as a example to share the outdoor pylon sign in the sign project. The information the pylon sign should have the following four types.

1. Parking information. Most of the industrial parks are places with huge traffic flow. Business exchanges are busy. People who come and negotiate with each other are usually not familiar with the park. Therefore, the information related to the parking lot must be reflected in the prominent position of the outdoor, especially near the entrance. When the driver enters the gate or the auxiliary road, the nearby pylon sign needs to display the parking lot information, and tells the driver how to go and where to stop;

2. The location of the property service office. For large-scale science and technology parks, whether it is for companies that have already settled in, or companies planning to rent office space, they need the help of the staff of the property service office. Therefore, the outdoor pylon sign should also display the location information. Especially for the newly-built science and technology parks, investment is underway, everything is unknown, and we should pay more attention to the display of information in such information;

3. Building location information of the park. Since there are many buildings in the large and medium-sized science and technology parks, how should we clearly tell people where the specific buildings are located? It may be difficult for people outside the property to remember the way. so the layout plan of the science and technology park is also to be displayed. The pylon sign can also display the specific number and direction of the buildings, so it is more convenient for people;

4. Toilet information. In the sign industry, manufacturers who have done large-scale projects know a common phenomenon, it can not be lack of bathroom signs no matter what type of public places, except for banks. In some other commercial places, the bathroom sign is basically standard, and the technology park has no exception;

The four types of information we mentioned above are common  information. Specific to different science and technology parks, there will inevitably be a big difference. Whether it is Party A or Party B, it should be based on the actual situation of the science and technology park. a corresponding change,it does not copy mechanically or miss important and valuable information, then the outdoor pylon sign products of the science and technology park can be regarded as a success.

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