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What are the common quality problems on the top of the building? How to deal with it?


As the saying goes, there are often non-wet shoes on the riverside, which is intended to express the influence of people's environment on people. The riverside is full of mud and water, often relying on this side, even if it does not fall, it will inevitably be wet with wet shoes. This principle is very simple to say. If the problem is always caused by external factors, it may be active or passive. If you go deeper, there are still some problems. Why? The external environment is actually limited to people. The internal cause is the basis for determining the change of things. If the internals are strong enough, everything outside is not enough, people are so, and substances are the same, especially for commercial products.

What are the common quality problems on the top of the building? How to deal with it?

The large letters on the top of the building is such a commercial product that is very vulnerable to external factors. In the past few decades, the manufacturing technology of the large letters on the roof has not been mature enough, and the upstream and downstream supply chains are also , the strength is equal and the recognition of the harsh climate factors. Insufficient knowledge is not enough, which has caused such problems in the actual use of large letters products on the roof. And the problem has arisen, the reason is always outside, not raining or windy, The large letters on the roof of the building were originally exposed in the sky, and the wind and rain should not be an excuse for the product to go wrong. When it comes to fundamentals, this is the quality problem.

The quality problem of the product is not to shirk responsibility. For the large letters manufacturers on the roof, they should work hard to solve the problem and effectively prevent the recurrence of similar problems. COSUN SIGN has its own unique technology and rich project experience in this respect. It summarizes several quality problems that can be controlled in the face of some quality problems in the big word market on the roof. There are three main aspects.

1, the problem of luminous effect, the probability of occurrence of this quality problem is the highest, the user complaints naturally more, the previous article also said a lot of questions about the luminous effect of the luminous characters, if there is uneven lighting, the light is not Bright or flashing and other similar problems, most of which are caused by quality problems in the light source itself and deep design mistakes on the large letters so this type of quality problem is essentially independent of external factors, naked quality problems, Original Part. Unreasonable design, it is the root of the problem, it is necessary to effectively prevent the recurrence of such problems, the source of the production of large letters on the roof;

2, the problem of the letters shell falling off, the daily working environment of the large letters on the roof is closely related to the natural environment. in addition to the factors of the ageing and aging, the market has a lot of letters in the roof during guarantee period. The problem of falling off occurs, and this can't completely blame the bad weather. If it can be a little bit of care in the design and production process, it is actually controllable. For example, in COUSN SIGN, the metal shell is constructed with high standard work throughout the welding process, strictly in accordance with the designed solder joint operation.It is guaranteed by a sound management system and is firm. The implementation is in place to escort the quality of the product;

3, the problem of unstable brackets, there are several typhoon seasons in the southeast coast every year. I believe that everyone has experienced it. It is not surprising that people have seen the advertisement signs being blown by the wind. Every year , the billboards are lost every year, but not every manufacturer's advertising signage products will fall in the storm. Why can't some of them fall off, and some will fall? This is another typical quality problem. Especially for the products applied in high-altitude scenes, the design of the roof should be fully considered the influence of external factors. The analysis of the stress on the roof is subject to strict calculation. It is not only the bearing capacity of the wall and the supporting structure, but also the ability to convert the wind resistance into actual computable data, which is ultimately reflected in the structural design. This is the engineering experience of COSUN SIGN, which will be blown off by the wind. How it is done, it is still not clear for the time being;

As a kind of advertising sign product hanging in the Aerial, the large letters on the top of the building is essentially different from the general sign product on the ground. Once the quality problem occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. To make a largr letter on the roof, you must choose a large-scale factory with rich experience in engineering, because the detour does not need to go back.

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