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Why are the large letters on the top of a high-rise building mostly red?


As the market competition in the commercial society intensifies, merchants have to think of ways to pass on their own unique value. One of the most important channels is the outdoor large luminous sign. In the city with high-rise buildings, it is essential to create an elegant and generous luminous letters placed on the top of the building.

Why are the large letters on the top of a high-rise building mostly red?

For high-rise buildings, the visible distance of the roof is far away. It is not as easy to interfere with the realization of the surrounding buildings as the underlying buildings, resulting in multiple visual blind spots, affecting the brand's spread and attraction to tourist source. Therefore, the roof of a high-rise building is a treasure land, and the treasure land will be excavated and exert its greatest value. Since it is a high-quality advertising space, installing the large letters on the top is an inevitable choice. In real life, whether it is day or night, as long as we carefully observe, we will find a phenomenon, that is, large letters on the top of the building are mostly red. It may be visual fatigue. People who are not related to the logo rarely pay attention to this detail phenomenon.Author is a part of the sign industry. Seeing those beautiful big characters will subconsciously look at a few more eyes. Most of the buildings have large characters. It is red, this phenomenon has come out, then, why is the majority of the large letters on the roof choose red? Is the roof design and production manufacturer have a soft spot for red? Or is it the market choice?The author has sorted out several reasons for this.

First of all, red is China's traditional concept is more festive and auspicious, the main color of the flag is red, under the influence of subtle influence, people accept the red is higher than other colors, more with the value of spread, red can be said It is versatile, no matter whether the roof is a glass curtain wall or a traditional cement wall or ceramic tile wall, the red roof can be naturally adapted to the environment and harmoniously coexist. Perhaps this perception is the result of long-term indoctrination and influence.

Secondly, the red large letters on the top has a strong visual impact, and it is more eye-catching in both day and night. Some people may say that the white large letters are more eye-catching at night, yes, but if it is a white large letters it can not take into account the effect of the day. The natural appearance of non-energization is also an important factor, and many large letters face user groups. More concentrated during the day, the demand for night is relatively weak. Therefore, in combination, it is necessary to take care of the natural display effect during the day and the nighttime glow effect. Red has become the preferred color for many businesses.

Finally, the recognition of red letters is significantly higher than that of other colors. For large letters on the top, the interaction process with users is usually only a few seconds or even shorter, and can effectively convey their own brand value, opportunity is in an instant, if it is relatively light color may not be able to impress the user in a very short time, but red does have such potential, comes with high recognition attribute, the user can instantly To distinguish it, for the business, it is enough.

Another question is how to divide the high-rise buildings. Do you have to use red letters in the high-rise buildings? In fact, it is not necessarily true. There are no standard answers to both questions. Generally speaking, for a building of 30 meters or more, because the position of the large letters is far away from the crowd, the human eye is looking up to see the large letters. Even at a long distance, there is a certain upward viewing angle. Red with high recognition is the first choice. For other buildings that are slightly lower, the selection surface is relatively wider. The specific design can be made according to the characteristics and positioning of the building. As long as it is consistent with the overall style, the brand value can be quickly and effectively transmitted. You don't need to use red.

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