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Deep interpretation of the safety and security measures for aerial work at the top of the Cosun Sign


Safety production is an eternal topic. However, in the long-term development of China, safety production only stayed at the stage of formalism such as shouting slogans. In recent years, with the pressure from external parties and the slowdown in internal economic growth, the demographic dividend has been unsustainable, cheap labor is no longer cheap, and the extensive economic structure at the expense of resources and health and even life is in the futureinnovation. Under the combined effect of various factors, people's awareness of the rights to health and life has been significantly improved. Safety production has received unprecedented attention and attention during this period, and it has forced the regulatory authorities to come true.In the traditional manufacturing industry, the importance of safe production is more prominent, especially in the field of special operations. For example, in our sign industry, there is a product called “Floor”, which is emphasized by quotation marks. In fact, it is also a key word that I want to highlight. Because of its large weight and size, the size of the roof has a high risk factor, so the construction difficulty is relatively large. In the course of operation, it is easy to have a safety accident. For the sign company in the roof of the big word project, a set of perfect aerial work safety measures is particularly important. Below, we will give a detailed explanation from the perspective of Cosun's real project case.

Deep interpretation of the safety and security measures for aerial work at the top of the Cosun Sign

1. Follow the general standards. The main relevant standards are “Building Construction Safety Inspection Standards” and “High-altitude Operational National Standards: GB/T 3608-2008”. The national standard for aerial work measurement is 2 meters above the falling height reference level. The general big-word projects in the roof are in this range, and in fact they are far above this range. In recent years, the office building competition in the business district has been higher than one round. The construction of several hundred meters is normal. It is conceivable that The installation of the top of the building at a height of 100 meters must strictly abide by the relevant rules and regulations and be certified to work in order to return home safely.

2. Establish a company's internal safety production management system. This system is usually based on the established national standard. It is also a set of safety production standards for the specific refinement of the national standard. For example, in Cosun, for the high-altitude roof-top project, There is a complete system, each roof has a dedicated project manager, the project manager is the first responsible person of the project, the project team also specifies the construction team leader, security team leader, equipment team leader, technical support, etc. In the group, the division of responsibilities is clear. With this system, Cosun has accumulated rich project experience over the past 20 years, and laid a solid foundation for the safe production of medium and large-scale projects at this stage and later.

3, Responsibility to people, in the specific large-scale construction project team, the project manager bears the overall responsibility for safety production positions, specific to the implementation of technical solutions and equipment and processes, etc., is divided into multiple responsibility sections, respectively The specific team members of the security team are responsible for implementation.

4, labor insurance equipment security, from Cosun's project site can be seen, in the high-altitude work site entering the roof of the large-scale installation site, all staff must wear helmets, safety ropes, wear non-slip shoes, hand-held tools must have The relevant ropes are fixed to prevent falling from high altitude.

5, employment with certificates, this security measure is mainly for the special operation field, such as welding after the big word on the roof, this time welding is a job that requires a certificate to ensure that every job is done by professional personnel carry out.

The enterprise has formulated a series of safety and security measures for aerial work. If it is not effectively implemented, it must be dangerous in the construction process of large characters on the roof. Therefore, execution is another important point. You can't just say no, and there are always very few clerk. In Cosun, especially for projects that require high-altitude work on the top of the building, after the safety production team led by the project manager has done a division of responsibility, a safety work summary and communication must be done every day, safety inspection and hidden trouble investigation. Participation, mutual supervision, timely feedback, and then coordinated by the project manager to ensure that nothing is lost, the quality and quantity of the realization of the project successfully closed.

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