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What are the three elements of school sign system design?


School is a place where everyone has experienced and grown up. According to the current educational pattern, most of the time spent in school runs through the whole growth range of teenagers, and some of the people who choose to continue their studies will spend 25 to 30 years in school. School is not only a place for learning knowledge, but also an important place for cultivating the next generation in the top-level design of society.

What are the three elements of school sign system design?

People are affected by the environment, especially the students. A flower, grass, tree, a card or a letter of the school, they are all play an important role in the growth of students. The school sign system, as an important carrier of school function division and guidance, is the key point we want to share today. The design of school sign system should conform to its characteristics and positioning. From the perspective of a sign industry practitioner, the design of school sign system should have the following three elements:

1. The writing is neat. In this kind of educational place, the school is essentially different from the art place and the commercial place. The words on the school signs should not be too different or non-mainstream, but should be like the Chinese teacher teaching Mandarin. Otherwise, it will give people a kind of Uncomfortable feeling. The same is true for the signboards in the school. If the design is unreasonable, the students' cognition will be biased. In general, the original source should be paid attention to, so that the cultural value of the text can be fully reflected and played in the school. While providing guidance services, the school signs should reflect the style of educating people;

2. Rational use of artistic elements. The cognitive ability of students in adolescence has not yet taken shape. In today's advocacy of quality education, aesthetics is one of the important links, and one of the important means of implementing the general education system. Therefore, all kinds of signage in the school sign system should have a certain artistic temperament, this temperament is not necessarily an alternative style, but more reflects the school's spiritual and cultural connotation and the school's own positioning, but also combined with relevant management regulations, highlighting the school's vivid Lively image, and people have a sense of intimacy and affinity, which is also the main direction that art elements need to be reflected in the school sign system;

3. Reflect humanistic care. The essential work of the school is to train the next generation and let people spend an important journey in life in this particular social model. In addition to the knowledge in books, the school should also provide people with the humanistic care to the next generation in a variety of ways, so that the immature young people can feel the care of the society, and the students can gratefully contribute to the society after graduation. Society contributes to the progress and development of society. Caring is intangible, and the signage is tangible. Whether it is the sign set in the fixed place of the school or the sign set by the relevant entertainment activities, it should reflect the invisible humanistic care on the tangible signboard, perhaps a sentence. It could also be a smiley face, enough to make people smile.

In the school sign system, the signage of the main place is still mainly text, with few patterns and other symbols, unless it is a relevant signboard temporarily arranged for the relevant recreational activities. Generally speaking, the above three elements should be followed in the design process of the signage of fixed places in schools. We cannot make rules on the details such as the font size and color spacing on the signboard, because there are not general principles and elements. Types and usage scenarios can be designed according to actual needs of the school, as long as they have the characteristics of the school sign system.

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