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Party A must: Five major considerations for selecting high-end sign manufacturers


In the eyes of Party B, Party A gives the first impression during the implementation of the project that the requirements are high and perfect.In the marking industry, the situation is no different. Why is this happening? There are different projects have different reasons, and there are more possibilities. However, most of the cases are problems with the selected partners of B. Of course, sometimes the problems are caused by Party A's unclear description of the project requirements. For example, after a large-scale five-star hotel needs a specific high-end sign production project, the executive representative of the hotel party A does not know what the specific products in the sign project should be, what effect it needs to achieve, and how the effect comes. Measure, etc., a non-professional person may not be able to figure out the truth in the sign industry. Therefore, after blindly selecting the manufacturer of the sign manufacturer, there will be a series of problems mentioned just now. It is not flat here, it is not bright, and even there is no installation or after-sales. In order to effectively avoid all kinds of unpleasant things happening between the two parties during the implementation of the project, we must first find the problem from the root cause. What more needs for Party A to do is to express its own needs accurately and accurately from the market. Compared with the three suppliers who are reliable, the latter things will be much smoother. Today's article is from the perspective of Party A, focusing on how to choose a reliable high-end sign manufacturer, there are a total of five major considerations, one can not be less, or the endless troubles.

Party A must: Five major considerations for selecting high-end sign manufacturers

First, do a lot of choices, this standard is mainly in the early stage of making choices, try to find more and more manufacturers in the field of high-end sign design and production, in batches or disposable invitations, for a comprehensive inspection. Generally, it can start with the identification of relevant engineering qualifications, project experience and representative specific works cases, and return to the comprehensive evaluation of Party B participating in the competition and then make the next decision;

Second, the sample comparison, a thousand words is not as good as a good product is convincing, some Party A is very vague on the concept of the sign product, there will be a feeling of no way to see before the specific product, then let Party B directly provide samples It is a more appropriate solution to judge whether this Party B is reliable by sample. Of course, there are some sample fraud problems in the market of the mixed sign industry, such as taking the project case of the peer as its own, or carrying out the sample. High standard over-fine packaging, after actually taking the project order is another set of standards;

Third, the selection of raw materials is fully refined. A large-scale high-end sign often uses a variety of types of materials and is manufactured through various processes. Therefore, there are more raw materials and spare parts involved, which are needed in the initial stage of the project. Refine and concreteize one by one. The standard of raw material refinement may be a bit high for general Party A. The main reason is that it does not understand or is not proficient. For example, in a certain part of the identification product, stainless steel is required, and there are many types of stainless steel labels. The thickness specifications are different, which seems to be no choice, not to mention the subsequent installation involves stress analysis. To be honest, I am confused, what should I do? Looking for manufacturers with deeper design experience, this one can eliminate Party B's competition;

Fourth, delivery guarantee, once Party A's project demand is issued, it is necessary to have a clear project schedule. This progress is largely dependent on Party B's production capability. If the sign is produced, Party B has a variety of advanced equipment. And manpower guarantee, as long as the two parties communicate in advance, the project promotion will generally be completed on time and in good quality;

Fifth. Installation and after-sales, since it is a high-end sign project, the perfect service process is a prerequisite for the smooth progress of the entire project. It is necessary to fully communicate with Party B in advance. In addition to the specific parameters of the product itself, it is necessary to put it in place. The transportation installation and maintenance items at the back end of the project cycle are sorted out in order to avoid various disputes in the follow-up process;

There is a common sense that Party A usually hopes that Party B will spend more money and purchase real materials to make products. Party B always thinks about saving, , so that you can earn more. The appeals and starting points of both parties seem to be never on one channel. If you must find a balance, it is the quality of the product. This quality is reflected in every aspect and every detail of the sign project. High-quality high-end sign products are not shouting slogans, but they are put into practice in a down-to-earth manner. Party A must do their homework in advance when choosing Party B. They should not be blinded by various superficial phenomena. The above five precautions are enough to help the representatives of Party A easily.

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