Shenzhen Railway Station

Shenzhen Railway Station is located in luohu district of Shenzhen, guangdong province, which is under the jurisdiction of China Railway guangzhou bureau group co., LTD. It is now a first class Station. It is only across a bridge from Hong Kong and is closely connected with luohu port of Shenzhen. The square in front of shenzhen station is composed of station house platform, special space for passenger station, bus station, parking lot, comprehensive service facilities, traffic management facilities, etc. It is the junction of railway station and urban traffic, the link between railway and urban traffic, and the distribution point of passenger flow, traffic flow and luggage flow. The signage guide system plays an extremely important role in it, which can facilitate passengers' various needs of taking a bus, buying tickets and shopping to improve travel efficiency, save time, and also guarantee the safety in emergency escape.

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