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What are the shortcomings of the urban environmental sign at this stage?


Environmental signs are an important part of urban public signs which are widely distributed.In the process of urban development, environmental signs is as important as wayfinding signage. If the wayfinding signage is defined as the front, then the environmental sign is the end, that is, the specific scene-oriented sign.With the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, the construction of urban environmental signs is also facing upgrading. At present, there are four deficiencies in urban environmental signs that need to be improved urgently.

1. The absence of an important location environment signs. There is no signboard in the place where the signboard should be set up, which leads to people having visual blind spots, which may bring a series of troubles, even security risks. For example, in some public places with special underground facilities, pedestrians and vehicles need to be evaded and guided. This guiding sign can prevent most safety accidents from happening. Clearly set the sign to inform people to avoid the bypass, the consequences are not miserable. Even some public service scenarios, when people came under the guidance of the guiding signs, but found that there is no corresponding signboard at the target location, this situation may also bring people a certain degree of misunderstanding, doubt whether they are right orwrong, this experience is very bad, a sign can solve the problem;

2. Low degree of systematization. In public places, environmental signs usually do not exist in isolation, but should be a whole system. For example, the core values of the major parks and schools in recent years have promoted the setting of the signs, and they have done a better job in a systematic way. No matter how large the venue and size, the signs can coexist with it. However, in other places, the degree of systemization of environmental sign is usually not very good. The main reason is that there is no unified planning and design, so it seems that there are many signs and has no systematization;

3. Outdated design, no connotation and beauty. Modern high-end sign products should be a feeling of glare, and texture is also necessary. To some extent, it can be describe as an artwork. In particular, some of the Seiko sign products look very beautiful and have no roughness. The same as the traditional industrial products, the sign products can also be done very beautiful. However, most of the urban environment sign products that we can see can't keep up with the times, and there is no design sense and beauty. There is still a lot of room for the improvement;

4. Lack of maintenance. Environmental sign products require maintenance duringdaily use, and this is not only to the sign itself, but also the surrounding related facilities or things. For example, in some areas with green belts, some of the previously installed environmental signs are easily obscured by newly-growing trees, which will affects the function of the sign;

It is difficult to make non-commercial environmental signhave a exquisite designand artistic sense. This is also the root cause of the rough and low-end of many urban environmental signs. But the commercial environmental signs are generally doing well. We hope that these bad phenomena will change in the future. The urban environmental sign is an important part of people's daily life. It also reflect the spiritual outlook and cultural literacy of a city. Therefore, it is still very important to pay attention to the construction of urban environmental sign.

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