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What are the functional points of the smart trash can that the manufacturer is promoting?


The concept of environmental protection has rapidly warmed up in recent years. Under the guidance of the official festival, it has evolved into a huge industrial chain. Although it is still not comparable to the traditional troika, the material needs of the egg tradition are becoming saturated, the industry growth is weak, the demographic dividend subsides, and to create more social wealth value, we must seek new breakthroughs. Under the circumstances, environmental protection has been mentioned to an unprecedented height.

What are the functional points of the smart trash can that the manufacturer is promoting?

In the past week, the major hot search lists have paid more attention to the implementation of the waste separation management regulations in Shanghai. Whether it is the official intention or the real search attention, it shows that the wind vane has been set, and the development of the environmental protection industry It is necessary to move the real thing, and implement the garbage classification for decades. It will soon enter the streets of China, and the merchants contained in it will also have a blowout, which is expected in the future.

Although from the perspective of the public, these policies are a bit unprepared, but for the relevant industry chain companies with strategic vision, it is actually a long-term layout, such as the COSUN SIGN in Shenzhen, which has accumulated more than 20 years of engineering in the label industry experience, as early as 2017, began to develop high-end smart trash cans, and the integration of the guiding identification system. It is not only because of the high correlation between the smart trash can and the use of the navigation mark, but also the production advantage of high-end precision manufacturing. In addition, the smart trash can in the street can collect the trash can, the signboard and the lighting street lamp. These are not available in some pure research and development institutions. From this point of view, the smart trash can is promoted by large-scale high-end sign manufacturers is an inevitable choice for industrial development.

Smart trash can still be unfamiliar to most people. There are many products on the market, and each manufacturer has different definitions of “smart”. Smart trash cans and smartphones with higher awareness. Smart watches have inherent differences, and the demand is not the same. Therefore, as a signage manufacturer that eats crabs, it is necessary to make a general contribution to the functional points of the smart trash can. The following three aspects are analyzed.

1. Networking is the foundation. This is a basic condition for the Internet of Everything. In the traditional world, people are used to throwing things away on the ground. After decades of semi-mandatory control, some people have evolved a little bit and will take the initiative. The garbage is thrown into the trash can. When the stock in the trash can is full, it is transported by the sanitation worker's garbage truck, transferred to a centralized disposal point, and finally flows to a large garbage disposal plant for landfill or incineration. This is a typical traditional garbage disposal method. The shortcoming is obvious. It is that the sanitation workers need to reach the scene to patrol at a high frequency. Otherwise, the capacity of the garbage bin is limited, and the garbage that is not cleaned up in time will overflow and cause secondary pollution. This kind of scenario is just the starting point of the smart trash can networking function. When the garbage stock exceeds a threshold, the smart trash can send a signal to the console to inform the relevant staff to get to the location of the trash can to clear the data as soon as possible. This smart trash can is no different from the traditional trash can;

2, power supply to be environmentally friendly, smart trash can need to have threshold identification function and signal transmission function, these modules need to consume electricity, if the operator wants to install led electronic screen to sell advertising space, it also consumes electricity, where does the power come from? Perhaps most of the first thoughts are like a smart phone or an electric car with a battery, no electricity to charge, or a direct battery change. But the problem is coming again. The trash can can't be moved back to the office to charge. If you install a charging socket in the location of each trash can, the amount of work will be infinitely large, and it may not be worth the candle. At present, COSUN's problem with this power supply is to directly replace the traditional battery power with solar energy, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can reduce the engineering level;

3, the preliminary classification of garbage, the habit of littering on our side here is difficult to change for decades, this is a lot of people to promote garbage classification. Eating is just the need, and throwing garbage is the same. As long as the punishment is strong enough, there may be another unexpected giant. How to achieve the temporary is not easy to say, smart trash can is a machine, if you can put the current popular AI artificial intelligence technology application, make a fuss in intelligent sorting, or a good choice, people do not need to throw garbage Classified delivery, automatically classified and determined by the machine to determine the classification, of course, this may be just a good idea, the future is still a long way;

There are also some smart trash can players in the market who skipped the classification of garbage in the initial processing of garbage, but added an electric compressor to timely compress the garbage into the barrel, claiming to increase the usage rate of the trash can. This idea is not bad, but it is inconsistent with the classification and disposal of garbage in the environmental protection concept. When harmless garbage and harmful garbage are mixed together and processed in the same way, harmless and harmful. Therefore, it is not advisable to perform simple volume compression on the basis of skipping garbage classification. However, if the related technology can automatically classify and then compress the same type of garbage, it is a near perfect logic.

IOT is the future, and the Internet of Everything is coming towards us step by step. At present, there is no big giant in the field of smart trash cans in China. Large-scale high-end sign manufacturers have some innate manufacturing advantages, and early entry is also a good phenomenon. We can imagine that the streets are neatly lit with smart trash cans full of artistic elements, commercials on the upper LED screens and some small and relaxing videos. The top is illuminated LED lights and solar panels, daylighting. The lamp is automatically turned off and automatically turned on at night. The passing pedestrians do not need to think about the type of garbage in their hands. After the specified input port is put into operation, the machine automatically sorts and sorts and performs preliminary processing. After the full box, the control center will Receive relevant command signals and arrange special personnel for transshipment.

The future has come, in the torrent of the times, take advantage of the situation, in order to win the future.

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