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Analysis of four creative sources in the process of Superior Design


As long as we walk out of the house, we will be exposed to signs of various types and uses outdoors, and our lives are inseparable from the signs. Due to the rapid development of the sign market and the increasing convenience and reliance on information acquisition, sign has become an integral part of our lives. In order to regulate the normal order of society, we need warning signs, warnings, guidance, propaganda and other types of sign to regulate people's behavior. Only when we have rules can we become a square. Only everyone follows the legal sign and its corresponding rules, we can quickly adapt to the environment in which we live, and the society can develop in an orderly and harmonious. As a product with strong public service attributes, the sign has been integrated into all aspects of social. With the rapid development of the economy, the market demand for Superior Design has also increased, which indirectly brought greater pressure to the sign design and production manufacturers. They force the designers of the sign manufacturers to break traditional way of thinking, tap more rich elements, and build more creative designs.

Analysis of four creative sources in the process of Superior Design

For a commercial-use identification product, the designer first needs to meet the customer's requirements, learn to listen and record, and unearth the customer's unique personalized elements in the seemingly incompetent limited resources, and the characteristics of the industry. The combination of characterization and the formation of a visual symbol, for the designer, the goal is to accurately and completely present the spiritual and cultural connotation that the customer needs to express through the design. Generally speaking, in the modern Superior Design process, the following four angles can be conceived and creative.

The first angle, visual, is the most direct appeal of the sign product. The recognition and residence time of the human eye are the elements that the merchants are afraid to and will not give up. The information transmitted from the visual point of view is also the most valuable one. Doing a visual element mining can help the identification product to add a lot of points from the recognition and image portrayal;

The second angle, hearing, is well understood. This is to make a fuss from the dimension of sound. How to express the unique individual elements of the sign product requires the designer to deeply explore the needs of the customer and repeatedly ponder the ideal. In general, ideas and ideas based on visual angles usually come from special identification products or smart identification products. For example, for people with disabilities or people with visual impairments, an excellent visual identification system is extremely important. In addition, in the era of great leap into intelligence in all walks of life, intelligent signs attach importance to the auditory element of sound. Gradually improve

In the third angle, the main form of tactile and tactile sense is touch. For some visually impaired audiences, the elemental exploration of tactile angle is an important test indicator for designers. In general, tactile elements can be integrated with auditory elements. Provide a clear identification symbol for the visually impaired user community in an intuitive form;

The fourth angle, the sense of smell, the actual reference scene of this sign element is much less than the above three. The main form of expression is expressed by a specific smell, and is combined with other perspectives of ideas and ideas, such as The creative space of some specific theme elements, the identification elements will relate to the sense of smell of the audience, the designer needs to find the scent elements corresponding to the theme to fill the entire creative space;

For a Superior Design, whether the design link is conceived is an important indicator of whether the finished product effect can be achieved. Only by looking at the visual auditory sense of smell and other aspects, plus in-depth analysis and thinking, can we find suitable in the concept and creativity. Inspiration, and the application of it to the actual project drawings, in advance for the subsequent production and production links, and finally achieve the desired goals.

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