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What are the production standards for the high-speed rail station tag-type identification products?


With the rapid development of high-speed railway, high-speed rail travel has become an important way for people to travel long distances. In today's advocacy of quality star-rated services, the details of the service of passengers on the high-speed rail station are gradually improving, and the guide is also a high-speed rail. An important carrier for the service of passengers. In the station of the high-speed rail station, we can see many types of signboards, there are large characters on the wall, there are also signs on the ground, and the hangtag on the ceiling, where the tag is our focus today.

What are the production standards for the high-speed rail station tag-type identification products?

In recent years, the high-speed rail stations are basically new, so in the actual operation process, there are often many problems that have not been encountered before. For example, in the old railway station, there are often a few simple words printed on the printing cloth or plastic. The top of the board is attached to a board or directly attached to the wall. Since it is a simple type of sign, there is no way to independently power it at night. In the modern new high-speed railway station building, this old-fashioned signboard is basically eliminated. Instead, it is a tall standing and hanging tag. Since the tag does not occupy the floor space, the power cord can take the ceiling and interact with the passengers. It has strong capabilities and many advantages, so it has been widely adopted by all new high-speed railway stations. As a professional high-end sign design and manufacture manufacturer, the COSUN SIGN has undertaken many domestic and foreign high-speed rail station identification projects. The following is an analysis of the production standards of the tag-type identification products:

1, the tag should highlight the logo of the Chinese railway, although it is not necessary to bring the logo to each tag, but for the large metal tag in the main channel position, the logo should generally be embedded in the requirements. High-speed rail is also a kind of train. It can also be understood as an upgraded version and an evolution version of the speed train. However, it is essentially a train. The inherent sign of the Chinese railway is always unchanged. The steamer is added to the shape of the "worker". The cross section of the locomotive can also be understood as the track of the "worker" underneath. The locomotive runs on the track. From the cross-section, this is a powerful train whizzing on the track. The railway logo is a general logo. The meaning is roughly the same. Whether it is a new or old-fashioned railway station, it should be standardized. From the perspective of brand building, the unified logo logo is also the process of building a brand;

2, large metal tag should open some vents, careful passengers should notice a detail, some large-size metal hangtag inside the high-speed rail station is not a flat plate, but has a lot of raised parts, each bulge A bit like the old-fashioned window canopy of the past, this small bulge is actually a specially designed opening. On the one hand, it can increase the aesthetics of large-sized signboards, make the surface look less dull, and can also be used for signage. The internal energy-consuming equipment dissipates heat, because the modern large-scale signages all have the function of lighting. For the hanging cards used in outdoor scenes, the opening design is also beneficial to drainage, and effectively protects the normal use of the tag;

3. The power cord of the tag should be led out from the mounting surface. The mounting surface is the side where the tag and the building are fixed. For example, in some porch-type scenes, the tag is used, and the sides are fixed to the wall. In this case, the power cord generally set on both sides, there is no exposed wire after fixing with the wall surface, which is safe and beautiful; in other scenes, the tag needs to be hung on the ceiling, and the tag itself and the ceiling are generally connected by steel pipe. In the case where the power cord of the tag should be placed in the position of the welded steel pipe, the wire is directly introduced into the inside of the steel pipe and penetrates to the other end of the steel pipe, so that the power cable of the tag can be ensured that it is not exposed outside, also for safety and beauty;

In the case of the high-speed railway station identification project, there are many types of hangtags, and the sizes are not the same. Whether or not power is required is also designed according to specific scenarios, but some general-purpose principles and standards will not change, and the targets are It is an efficient and convenient guide service for passengers, which effectively shortens the passenger's stay time at important nodes and accurately diverts them. The high-speed railway station should start from the details and experience the passengers. Problems and solving problems are also important ways to represent quality services.

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