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Several requirements on the construction of the Signage System of tourism Industrial park.


The tourism Industrial park is very different from our common high-tech and industrial industrial parks. Whether it is from functional attributes or uses, and to the people, the tourism Industrial park gives people a feeling of relaxation. In addition to the name of the industrial park, it is essentially a scenic area, but with a series of supporting infrastructure and services related to tourism.It is better to use Internet thinking to explain. The Tourism Industrial Park is a closed-loop transformation of upstream and downstream tourism products. The goal is to realize that private traffic does not flow out, and that food, clothing, food, housing and transportation are all solved internally. Isn't this the idea that the Internet giants are adopting online?It is conceivable that the volume of this tourism industrial park will certainly not be small, otherwise it will not be able to accommodate a large number of needs. After the mass is large, the internal road network and buildings will become more and more complicated, and the Signage system will be built. There is admit of no delay.

Several requirements on the construction of the Signage System of tourism Industrial park.

For the special scene of the tourism industrial park, the layout of the interior of the park and the transmission of information such as amusement projects directly determine the word of mouth for tourists. The construction of the tourism industrial park Signage System can not only help tourists find destinations quickly and easily. And visitors can get a better experience.The construction of the Signage System of the tourism industrial park should start from the source. According to the project experience of the Signage System of the Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park undertaken by COSUN, some requirements cannot be avoided.

From the perspective of cognition, the logic is clear and the level is clear. In the tourism industrial park, the needs of tourists are diversified. The behaviors also change with time, and they need to be in different time and different spaces. There are corresponding signs to provide corresponding services. For individuals, the information on these signs may be trivial and not logically related, but from another perspective, from the perspective of the operator, each piece is specific. The signage should constitute a logically high correlation, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the entire tourism industrial park.

Tourists are more inclined to simplify the problem during the game. The specific performance may be on the path or in other service links. The Signage System is usually the carrier to undertake such service. How to display the complex space environment layout to tourists Operators can't solve problems by thinking that they can find themselves. Instead, they should cut complex spatial information into logically distinct sub-components through the signage system, and connect these subtle components in series through internal logical relationships. In a whole, it helps people to quickly understand the relevant information of their location in each part, and can quickly determine the next behavior and path. If this is done successfully, the construction of the tourism industrial park signage system is successful, guarantee the effectiveness of information transmission.

In addition, how each subdivision identifier with intrinsic logical relationship is combined with the field, this is also the point that needs attention in the construction process of the tourism industrial park signage system. In large tourism industrial parks, due to geographical restrictions and external interference the factors lead to some deviations in the contents of some drawings when they actually land. This situation should be solved in the front-end design of the signage system. In essence, it is also the problem of project experience. The reasonable layout in the system construction process is the goal, the clear logical relationship is the unimpeded guarantee, the independence of the individual signs is visible, and the internal signage system should be the overall signage system.

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