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Is the smart sign helpful in alleviating traffic congestion?


With the rapid expansion of the city, the population density has risen sharply in a short period of time, which has brought tremendous pressure on the city's transportation. Our most intuitive feeling is that no matter where you go, no matter how you travel, traffic jams everywhere, you don't see the scenery, but the dense crowd. Of course, if you say that the crowd is also a landscape, then it is another matter. From the appearance, this is the problem of traffic management. The root cause is the problem of resource allocation. The city can attract people, indicating that the resources and opportunities that can be allocated are sufficient. However, the increment of infrastructure support often cannot keep up with the population. The speed of rapid expansion, so there will be a phenomenon of getting together. So, is there no solution to the problem of traffic congestion? Since the starting points of the parties are different, it is difficult to draw conclusions for the time being. However, from the perspective of the identification industry, we can start from the management point of view, monitor the real-time traffic conditions in an all-round way, and use this kind of information to be effectively released through the intelligent digital signage. This is the smart identification. A typical application in the field of traffic management.

At present, in addition to Shenzhen, which is sensitive to cutting-edge technology, the city is trying to identify smart traffic signs. Other regions may not have thought about this issue. The emergence of new things is difficult to be accepted by the market at once, and a process is needed. Is the current intelligent traffic sign promoted by high-end sign manufacturers really helping to alleviate traffic congestion? Since the feedback from the market does not have statistical value, but from the theoretical analysis, we compare the intelligent traffic sign with the traditional sign from three angles, and then draw conclusions is not too late.

1. From the perspective of the function of the signboard, the functions of the traditional traffic signboard and the intelligent traffic signage can be said to be consistent, and all provide convenient guide-oriented services for people, but the difference is obvious, the traditional traffic sign information capacity is limited, the sign ready for the next few years have been the fixed pattern,  If there is more road repair, an important target building, or an additional exit, it must be Redesigned and installed a new traffic sign to match the latest information; but the smart traffic sign can be understood as multi-functional, the information can be changed at any time according to actual needs, and there are new roads with new buildings that can be replaced. Sunny days, rainy days and fogs also present different content, such as increasing the brightness of the graphic information on the signboard in the rainy and foggy days, and the sunny day is appropriately weakened. All these are humanized service details. Intelligent traffic signs can achieve this effect well, but traditional traffic signs are powerless.

2, from the perspective of the linkage performance of the identification card, in the professional terminology of the identification industry, the identification is divided into levels, and the first-level, second-level, three-level and four-level identification is to clear the relationship between the identification system and the service object. In order to better serve users. We know that traditional traffic signs provide navigation guidance services for users in one direction, that is, they are irreversible, and the order is immutable. Even if there are some problems in the lower level identification system, the role of this one-way guidance It has been going on, and over time, more serious congestion will occur in the lower-level problems, which is one of the important reasons for traffic congestion. Regardless of whether it is civil or management, it seems that there is no deep understanding of this issue. Of course, Shenzhen is already exploring. The emergence of intelligent traffic signs is precisely to solve this problem. The intelligent traffic sign is also a system, by each node. The digital signages are combined to form a network. The traffic conditions of each node can be monitored in real time and fed back to the control center in real time. The control center then dynamically diverts traffic according to real-time road conditions, and passes the intelligence at each node. The traffic signboard reduces the diversion of the place where it is blocked, increases the diversion flow for the dilute place, and finally reaches a dynamic equilibrium overall state;

2. From the perspective of traffic management cost, during the peak period of travel, we can see this type of temporary signage from the busy road sections. These temporary signage boards are varied, and most of the targets are to limit the flow of people and traffic. The local government will also invest a large amount of manpower to protect the role of these traffic signs. In general, the human and material input is huge, and the relief of traffic congestion is not ideal, and even some opposite results. The intelligent traffic sign not only saves material cost, but also saves labor costs. Because the intelligent traffic sign system can be linked, there is no need to temporarily add a new sign for a certain road in a certain area, and there is no need to equip a large amount of manpower. Traffic congestion pressure, while greatly reducing the cost of traffic management;

From the above multi-angle comparison, answering "Whether the smart sign is conducive to alleviating traffic congestion?", the answer is self-evident and can be alleviated.

Facing the increasingly prominent problem of traffic congestion, people often say that the road is repaired a little wider or a few more roads, but few people will pay attention to the logical problem of traffic guidance. When a node in the transportation system has problems, the previous one The level is still constantly diverting its flow. This problem is not a question of how wide the road is. The road will be blocked and the longer it will be blocked. The more the traffic is blocked, the more complicated it addition to many roads, strengthening traffic illegal supervision, but also need to fundamentally change the way of thinking, can not headaches, the relationship between "blocking" and "comb", and then solve the problem from a scientific point of view, I believe that in time,our travel will become more smooth.

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