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What are the design principles for the train station sign system?


The railway station is a big scene and a general term. Before we analyzed the two narrow subdivisions of the high-speed railway station and the subway station, from a broad perspective, they belong to the railway station.In our daily life, most of them should have experienced the travel service of the railway station more or less. A large part of these services are completed by the station sign system, because the modern railway station is too large, internal the distribution is complicated, and for passengers with a bad sense of direction, it is not difficult to find the destination accurately.Therefore, the role of the train station sign system is very important, so the service provider who designs and manufactures the train station sign should pay more efforts to this end. According to the experience of many railway station sign projects in COSUN sign, the railway station sign system should Meet the following 4 design principles.

Principle 1,Uniform style,The railway station is a typical densely populated place. Our usual medium and long-distance travel is highly dependent on the train. Compared with other modes of travel, the train travel mode has a high cost performance.As far as the existing railway station infrastructure is concerned, the understanding of people's railway stations has basically formed a certain degree of consensus. For example, in the sign of the railway station, the country is unified with a sign, which It can also be called the total brand image of Iron.There are also the fonts and colors of the train station name. Most people may not explore, but in fact these details are prescribed. Basically, they need to be unified from top to bottom. People do not pay special attention to these details. It is because these signs have been highly unified, and wherever they go, people's curiosity is naturally not so strong, and there is no incentive to appreciate this unified style of sign.

Principle 2, Logical continuity, In addition to the high-frequency scene of the subway station, other ordinary railway stations and high-speed rail stations belong to the low-frequency scene, which means that most people do not go to the train station every day, and occasionally need to go to the train station when there is travel demand, in the huge In front of the train station, it is naturally not familiar to the average person. For a few passengers, it can be described as strange.From where to pick up the ticket, where to enter the station, where the toilet is, where the water dispenser is, where the specific train is waiting in the station, where to exit after the station, and so on.A complete sign system can solve the problem. People participate in train travel, from pit stop to waiting to ride to outbound. Each link should have clear corresponding signs for guidance. Whether the continuity of the sign system logic is good or not will directly affect people's travel quality;

Principle 3,Reasonable layout,If logic is a macro level, then layout is a microscopic perspective.In the various scenes inside and outside the train station, as long as the passengers pass through, there should be corresponding signs, and the passengers go to the specific location, the demand is different, so the operator needs to be in the right position. Layout the appropriate sign to meet the actual needs of passengers in different locations.For example, at the ticket gate, strictly speaking, it is the ticket gate. Now it is basically automatic identification of the ticket gate. Once the passenger has successfully passed the gate, there should be a clear and accurate train-oriented signboard to pass the passengers through the shortest distance. Guide to the specific location of the ride.The other position is the same. The demand faced by passengers at each link is different. The sign that need layout should also be one-to-one.

Principle 4,Content readable,The train station does not require too many artistic elements. what you see is what you get is the best way to present the train station sign system. During the pit stop or waiting period, the population flow is usually concentrated in a very short time interval. The identification system needs to quickly and accurately divert the passengers and distribute them to the appropriate location, so the content on the identification plate must be highly readable and recognizable.

Anyway,Whether it is macro or micro sign, broad or narrow sign, they are all for passengers. The train station is for passengers, helping passengers get a good travel experience and helping passengers reach their destination safely and conveniently. It is the fundamental task and goal of all services. The principle of designing the railway station sign system can also be discussed from many angles.But they all have a core principle that is unchanged, that is, serving passengers and people-oriented.

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