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Which is the best way for sky sign letters, expose the LED light source or build in it?


The sky sign letters are the large-scale signs that we see on the top of the building and the top of the facade. Because the shell is equipped with an appropriate LED light source, it can be illuminated when the power is turned on at night. For commercial buildings, the sky sign letters have irreplaceable commercial attributes, and other types of advertising signs are hard to be as spectacular as them.

Which is the best way for sky sign letters, expose the LED light source or build in it?

For the manufacturer of the sky sign letters, how to arrange the luminous sources is an important detail should be considered in the deepening design stage. Is it directly expose or built in the letter ? The manufacturer need to fully communicate with the customer to determine. For the experienced large-scale sign design and manufacturer, both wayscan be done, but which way is better? The following are the four aspects we want to share based on the project experience of the COSUN in nearly 20 years.

1. Compare from the perspective of size. We know that the size of the sky sign letters is generally large. The height of a single word may be higher than an adult. Therefore, when making such a large letter , it will related to cut the metal sheet. The exposed sky sign letters can be used for one-time cutting and forming of the whole metal panel, and then punched, without splicing, beautiful and generous. If the light source is built in, it is usually necessary to make a high edge and a light-transmissive surface. The manufacturing process and complexity are far higher than the direct-punched exposed letters. If the customer requests vacuum forming or other processes, it will be more complicated and may far exceed the client's budget.

2. Compare from a safety perspective. If the singlesky sign letters is punched and build with exposed leds, there is no need for the surrounding edge and the light-shielding surface, so there is no need for excessive welding and assembly and splicing. The sky sign letters can be installed at the appropriate position on the roof by using the relevant brackets. If it is made into a built-in light source type, the sky sign letters need either a high edge or a light-shielding surface. These parts need complicated process to form a mold, , even if the manufacturer tries to control  the welding and assemble process. If it encounters bad weather, the parts may fall off, and even cause a safety accident.

3. Compare from the perspective of maintenance. Generally speaking, the waterproof sky sign letters need to use waterproof LED light source. The probability of failure of the light source is relatively small, but it is still needed after sale service in case. Once the problems occur, the sign manufacturers will usually arrange professional after-sales staff and dealing with the problem. The sky sign letters is not an ordinary product. After-sale service is a difficult task. Even if to change a line or a light source, you need to spend a lot of energy. If it is a punched letter that exposes the LED light source, the after-sale staff will use professional tool and directly taken out the broken one and replaced from the outside without disassembling the shell, which is simple and convenient. If it is the sky sign letters of the built-in light source, the maintenance may be equivalent to making a brand-new product, because it is need to disassemble the malfunctioning sky sign letters, and after solving the problem, the second assembly will be done. Whether it is the workload or the second assemble, it is not recommended to use a built-in LED light source.

4. From the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection. Nowadays, the society is generally promoting the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. The sky sign letters are products that directly generate energy consumption, so it is more important to pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. When the LED light source is exposed, the light is emitted directly without blocking and filtering. If the LED light source is built in, the light will be weakened and lost to a certain extent. If you want to ensure the brightness requirements of the merchant, you must use a higher power light source, which just violates the principle of energy saving and environmental protection.

The result is self-evident. As long as we pay more attention to the sky sign letterson the streets, we can see that the actual phenomenon is consistent with the conclusions of our theoretical analysis. The LED light source exposed sky sign letters market share is much higher than other types.

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