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Which is good for Shenzhen sign design company? How to judge?


In the past 40 years, Shenzhen has jumped from a small fishing village to the internationalcity today. All of this is inseparable from the development of technology. It has undergone extensive industrial development. In recent years, Shenzhen has been vigorously developing the cultural and creative industries. This is the inevitable way of transformation and upgrading. In Shenzhen, we have brought together outstanding young and middle-aged designers from all over the country to design creative industries through good infrastructure and service awareness, and inject real power into the title of design capital. The early Shenzhen originally had no design genes. It relied on the traditional printing industry to gradually embark on its own path. On the one hand, it leveraged the mature design resources of Hong Kong, and also added the code to the design industry through internal support. Now we can Seeing that all districts in Shenzhen have their own design and creative industrial parks, the government has cultivated an intensive design industry through a series of administrative means such as rent subsidies and tax reductions. This kind of big-handed approach is unique in the country. The development of the Shenzhen design industry will be great in the future.

Which is good for Shenzhen sign design company? How to judge?

In addition to the early traditional printing industry involving a part of the design-related work, Shenzhen's design aspects have gradually evolved into architectural design, jewelry design, handicraft design, fashion creative design, fashion design, logo design, etc., which is away from our daily life. Closer may be architectural design and sign design, and it is the sign design that affects the daily life of Shenzhen people all the time. Why do you say this? Because whether we are walking on the road or shopping, visiting supermarkets, visiting parks, etc., we are always interacting with the sign. Behind these various logos is the result of the hard work of the sign designer and the fine craftsmanship of the sign makers.

Since Shenzhen is the capital of design, the sign design should be very powerful, and there are so many large and small sign design and production manufacturers in Shenzhen's streets and lanes, as many as thousands of them. As a part of the identification project, how can we judge which one is good? Before answering the question "Which is good for Shenzhen sign design company," we need to first look at the places in the market where sign design can be done.

1, roadside small signage production store, this store can also do sign design, and often this design is free, merchants only charge production costs, but also package installation. The number of such stores is huge, generally there is no brand positioning, the size of the list is all-in-one, regardless of whether the quality and quantity can be completed, the representative cases are lacking, the sample is rough, there is no professional designer team and large-scale precision equipment. The most contact with our amateurs is this category. You don't need to arrange orders, you can start work at any time without drawings. For the sign items that are not so demanding, this store can achieve some effect of customers, but the design sense is impossible to talk about.

2, professional design company, Shenzhen has a lot of such professional VI brand image design packaging company, regardless of size, this company usually has its own advantages in the design of the plane or three-dimensional, the brand image of themselves and customers have a deeper understanding, rich materials and creative resources, and success stories of large-scale projects, the designer team is more professional, but almost all have a common problem, that is, the beautiful design can only stay on the drawings, there is no way to become Touchable physical identification products, do not know how to match the production materials and lighting components, the details of the installation process is almost blank, so even if the company got the list of sign design projects, the floor plan was designed. In the end, it is still necessary to transfer to large-scale label manufacturers for deepening design and production;

3, professional large-scale sign design and production company, this company can usually have both design and production capabilities, and can establish a communication bridge between conventional design and production. This bridge is the deepening design of the logo. At this end, the specific production and installation is at the other end, and there must be a bridge to connect to enable the project to run smoothly. Deepening the design is an extension of the traditional logo design, and also provides scientific data that can be referenced for the production and installation of the logo, laying the foundation for the marking project.

Through the comparison of the above three scenarios, we can clearly see the current market of sign design in Shenzhen. Now, the question of “Which is good for Shenzhen sign design company” has already been referenced. How to compare it? This is another problem. Each company has its own strategy and model. The workshop-style sign store is more of a low-end project. Most of the design is unprofessional. Professional design companies can design beautiful renderings. The lack of professional knowledge of sign deepening design can not make the marking project enter the next link; large-scale label manufacturers are the best choice to weigh the parties, and have the ability to design, mark and deepen the design and production. Therefore, if you want to directly answer "Shenzhen sign design company which is good", you also need to classify the sign design industry, the same category of companies have the value of comparative ratings.

At present, there is no official sign design industry rating in Shenzhen. The existing sign industry organization is the “Shenzhen Mark Industry Association”, but this association is not completely official. The association is usually between the self-regulatory organization and the official organization. Groups, more often divided into industry self-regulatory organizations, we can make a certain degree of reference to the rating given by this self-regulatory organization. The relatively better combination is the president unit and the vice president unit unit. In addition, you can also get the answer through Baidu search engine. For example, Baidu directly searches for the keyword “Shenzhen sign design company”. The relatively high ranking is generally a professional company with more senior industry. You can also ask questions directly on Baidu. Which design company is better?", we can also get some valuable reference answers from this side.

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