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How are those beautiful whole body luminous letters made?


Different from the old-fashioned ordinary luminous letters, the biggest highlight of LED luminous letters is that the technological innovation of LED illuminating light source brings a qualitative improvement to the visual effect of large letters, coupled with the popularization of high-quality and low-cost acrylic materials, the production of LED illuminating letters. The business ushered in the spring of development. The degree of competition in all walks of life is constantly increasing. With the individualized demand for the luminous letters and the improvement of quality requirements, the traditional flat-illuminated letters can not fully meet the market demand, whole body luminous letters emerges as the times require.

How are those beautiful whole body luminous letters made?

As the name implies, whole body luminous letters is the overall light from the visual point of view. The most obvious difference is that the ordinary luminous letters just have the can be illuminated, but the side of whole body luminous letters can also emit light, even the back side can be illuminated. That is, the 360-degree view has no dead angle. If the business matches the color properly, different faces will display different colors. The effect of whole body luminous letters will have a visual impact and the transmission of the brand image. It will be more intuitive and in-depth, leaving a deep impression on the user's subconscious and outputting brand value. So how is this whole body luminous letters made?

Since the material of each luminous surface is acrylic sheet, the side edge is also acrylic, which is the difference from ordinary luminous letters; from the production process, the main production process of made is similar to the conventional luminous letters. The specific steps are as follows:

In the first step, a laser cutting machine is used to form a flat surface of a large letters mounting surface, and a corresponding illuminating light source is installed. If it is required to display 360 degrees of all surface illumination, then no metal support surface is required. Ignore this step, all using acrylic panels.

In the second step, the font of the large letters is carved out by the digital engraving machine, and the side of the support also needs to be engraved according to the designed size.

The third step is to color the different luminous surface acrylics according to the color requirements of the previously designed luminous surface.

The fourth step is to select the assembly method according to the size of the glyph. If the glyph size is relatively small, you can use the special glue to add small acrylic blocks on the inner side of the glyph and the side edge. After the bonding is firm, the holes, the locking screws, and the letters are assembled. If the glyph size is large, the adhesive small square acrylic is not strong enough to withstand the pressure, then you can use a slightly thick acrylic sheet, engrave a 90 degree right angle groove at the edge of the glyph, and then assist the larger size acrylic block, stick In the designated position, the screw is also fixed by the same way. After the assembly and splicing is completed, the next step of power-on test, quality inspection, packaging and delivery can be carried out.

The whole body luminous letters can have a good visual effect even in the case of no power during the day, the surface of the font is translucent, the multi-angle is unobstructed, the appearance is elegant, and the affinity is better. The whole body luminous letters are evenly and stably penetrated at night, and the LED module has stable illumination without flashing, long service life, low heat generation, low power consumption, energy conservation and environment protection, in line with the green and low-carbon development concept of modern society.

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