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Woman's Day On March 8th, 2019 is coming and your beauty is out of reached


In March ,the flowers are blooming and the branches sprout.Women like flowers and dreams,blooming in the most beautiful season of March.


For thousands of years,the world has become more and more colorful, and life has become endless because of women.There is an old saying in China called "Females are more excellent than males". It is intended to express that women can also do great things in social life and pay great contributions to society.In modern times, there is also the saying that women can hold up half sky, which also explains that women are playing important roles in society.


They are overwhelmingly superior in some positions in their jobs, not only shoulder family responsibilities ,but also allocate time and energy to jobs.They ,of course  ,should get respects from the  whole society. With the coming of Women Day On March 8th, 2019 ,The Administration Department of the COSUN SIGN picks up elegant gifts for nearly 100 women.In this special day ,we give welfare and blessings for all the female employees ,and we are grateful for all the women who work harder in work.

This helps to  show the company's excellent corporate culture,and enhance the Employees’ sense of belonging and cohesion .

Your beauty is out of reached. This is the theme of this activity.On the spot, the female compatriots orderly received festival gifts from the company, and joyful feelings are overflowing.Let's take a look at the wonderful moments captured on the spot.

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