CosunSign, with the brand positioning "Create Your Design Better" , found the R & D center. With more than 50 professional R & D and design staff, it focus on providing customers with more professional Intelligent City Signage, Commercial Signage, Retail Signage, Highway & Railway Station Signage, Airport Signage, Gas Station Signage, Scenic Signage and other personalized design and advisory service.
On the basis of a complete R & D and design system and advanced manufacturing equipments, COSUN continues to study new materials, new technologies and new process, and develop intelligent signage products to meet the market's increasing needs.

Value-oriented with
"Design-driven Manufacturing"

CosunSign actively promotes the value orientation of “design-driven manufacturing”. With our R&D and creative design team, we continu to explore the perfect combination between signs and the environment. On the basis of advanced nature, functionality, aesthetics and safety, it will creating a harmonious urban space and a clear urban envirenment.

  • Advanced

  • Functional

  • Aesthetic

  • Safe

Advantage of COSUN Design Center

  • Design

    Industry elite creative team

    The backbone of planning and design, which is based on the elites of the industry, is a pragmatic team with higher service awareness, faster market response, stronger professional strength and more strategic vision.

  • Design

    Strong strategic partner

    With its own designer training ground, it delivers a lot of fresh blood to the design team. It has strategic cooperation with member organizations such as Shenzhen Graphic Design Association and shares resources together with each other.

  • Design

    Rich project experience forging

    More than 20 years of project experience accumulation and precipitation, with a number of classic cases, business areas include real estate, tourism attractions, medical institutions, education systems, municipal construction, industrial parks, hotel clubs, enterprises and institutions.

  • Design

    Integrated subject system engineering

    Architectural aesthetics, industrial design, graphic design, process analysis, planning layout and point planning, a comprehensive interweaving of a systematic project, a strong comprehensive support system.

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